Menstruation And The Whole Woman

cycles of nature, feminine, inspiration, womb-centred healing, women


This is one of at least two podcasts in this series on menstruation: the core of our feminine life and identity, the cycle of fertility and creative potential, the solution to the world’s problems with disequilibrium and even violence….

cat woman lives from her womb, painting, 2002-16

In this podcast I’m speaking to the reality of women’s bleeding being something divine, wholesome, realigning, energising: our blood is the source of Life, and thus we can and should find great enrichment in its moving through us and going out into the world.

Instead of ceremony and gratitude, many of us have intensely negative bio-feedback through our cycles. This is intimately related to what is going on around us (and within us): to both our life and the history of the women in our family, to our habits and relationship with our body-mind-spirit, and to what is transpiring each month.

detail from painting: cat woman lives from her womb

Modern life in general is very much not aligned to women’s well-being. It most certainly is NOT aligned to women’s taking good, deep self-care, and to working within her monthly rhythms. So what should we do about that? What can we do to first limit the disharmony in our month, and then to begin easing ourselves into a more appropriate pattern that our body tells us is right?

The clue is in the question: ‘our body tells us’ – here’s my first podcast on menstruation – look out for the next one soon, within the rest of this Sacred Feminine series.

podcast on menstruation

I’ll be announcing openings in the new year for The Divine Creative mentoring programme, which will be supporting the immense creative potential of wise humans like yourself, in challenges like this reweaving of the divine feminine into our world… In the meantime:

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Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,

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