water and the divine feminine: flow and well-being

inspiration, womb-centred healing, women
ancient natural forms with rainwater: Corrie , Arran, Scotland


This is a podcast that came from a sacred place; where I collect spring water for drinking, a drive and a walk from my home – my growing relationship with the place, the water (and the blessed act of reverently gathering spring water). The words came from a spontaneous ‘calling’, which I explain in this podcast – so I’ll allow the words to flow here:

Niki De Saint Phalle’s tarot garden, Capalbio, Italy
podcast on water and the divine feminine
the Tammaro river near Sassinoro, BN, Italy

I’ll be announcing openings in the new year for The Divine Creative mentoring programme, which will be supporting the immense creative potential of wise humans like yourself, in challenges like this reweaving of the divine feminine into our world… In the meantime:

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Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,

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