The Deep Feminine Wound



We can talk about The Feminine Wound on multifarious levels; from the physical and psychological, the emotional and the economic, the political and the spiritual and the sexual…. As womben, our body-mind-spirit has been – and continues to be – systematically abused and oppressed literally from conception to grave.

still form, painting, 1996

I am talking in today’s podcast to our wholistic experience as female human beings in the contemporary ‘developed’ world: as individual keepers of womb, and as a collective momentum and potential in human evolution.

Our individual and collective potentiality – our vitality, our sense of self and of purpose, our feeling secure and stable in the world: these are areas that have been neglected and diminished by ourselves and those around us. We’ve been discouraged from… okay, no – we’ve been violently brainwashed away from… trusting our own body wisdom, knowing our inherent ability to heal, and experiencing our intimate synchrony with both nature and the human-created world around us.

holding, painting, 1999

Is this why we live in such dystopian times? I believe so… I know so, from my deepening connection with my own feminine intuition – which speaks in a kind of flowing-thought-image-form, about the path that we are walking on together – the choices we are accumulating into realities in front of us.

the deep feminine woundpodcast

What would our world look like if womben knew our capacity for connection, healing, deep synchronising wisdom, wholeness: if we were all inspired-taught-trained from the earliest of ages to embrace our sentience and to use our power most advantageously-for-all.

What would we all be experiencing, if womben were effortlessly inhabiting their body-mind-spirit, and navigating not from fear-tension-pain, but from a spiralling upwards cycle of presence, relaxed-alertness and expansion?

the whole voice, painting, 2018

Many of us are exploring these threads of inquiry, and weaving our work into a far finer fabric of reality than currently prevails. Rather than accepting our being diminished into power-flowing-only-outwards. And rather than ‘being permitted’ to express ourselves via only incredibly conservative, society-sanctioned, miniaturised versions of ‘reality’…

We’re now speaking across the planet from our wombs, our whole sentience, our deepest transcendental bliss, our trauma – and we’re finding our wholeness, our ability to move harmoniously in the world, through this.

The whole womban is being witnessed, as we’re beginning to witness ourselves.

I’ll be announcing openings in the new year for The Divine Creative mentoring programme, which will be supporting the immense creative potential of wise humans like yourself, in challenges like this reweaving of the divine feminine into our world… In the meantime:

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Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,

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