we are infinite being, manifest


The last podcast – and this one – are particularly long. The subject of divine alignment with health-vitality-life-purpose, etc itself is neither complicated nor hard to access… But all that we’ve constructed and/ or accepted between us and our health, is.

So in order to ‘get to’ profound alignment with our amazing inherent dynamic fruitfulness, we’re obliged to dismantle a load of detritus that’s in the way.

Again, this essentially isn’t complicated: it simply requires gentle, methodical commitment to pleasure – a daily tweaking and re-navigating; from our culturally-sanctioned rut of stagnation and stupidity, to our unique path of expansion.

Moving into health and wellness is about questioning and deconstructing everything around us – understanding much more deeply how everything both affects us and is affected by us. It is so easy, because it is a holistic perspective, a natural one – rather than a forced, compartmentalised one.

By definition, it is much more effortful to be separate from ourselves/ the world/ divine flow, than it is to be connected – it’s just that we’re generally more familiar with being detached.

The potent thing is, that every step towards our better alignment, has the whole universe, the whole of nature, the whole of our more beautiful future, behind it. Once we become more familiar with this Flow, it accelerates and gathers miraculous power – and it becomes much clearer the psychosis of our collective disconnection.

The vital, more difficult step is releasing our belief in vibrant health or self-realisation being ‘something’ ‘out’ ‘there’ and hard to find the path to, rather than an integral essence of us that wants so very much to be whole.


If you are interested in how we can use our everyday to liberate this infinite creative/ healing/ empowering potential that resides in our very body – join me for these online workshops with VAWAA – the first is a 4-session of deepening our deep intuitive and the second is a ‘repeat’ workshop in transforming tension via mark-making specifically for folks not in the USA – Australia, India, Europe, Asia, Africa – I hope to see a new audience there!


If you’re a patron over on my Patreon – I’ve just announced the offer (patrons get first dibs!) of a painting, an Italian holiday and a tree planted in your name, in gift for donations towards my vision of expanding my arthouse and creative retreats. Read the post here.

I’ll be beginning an extensive campaign around this vision very soon, so get in quick if you love a particular painting...

Much love to you all!


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