finding the wisdom in what’s happening


It’s hard to speak about such a different reality than what mainstream is presenting, when status quo narrative is rapidly becoming full-to-bursting with closed-mindedness and sniping, lies, agendas and general untruth.

This is a video and a (separate) podcast around the increasing pressure there is to our waking up. Not just educating ourselves more deeply-widely-long-termly, but acting on our expanding awareness: speaking, writing, sharing, learning about laws, knowing where we’re going, and finding fellow travellers who are confidently moving towards… LIFE.

vlog on How I see what’s going on right now…

There’s so much ignoring or poopo-ing around even suggesting that there’s stuff happening behind the scenes of the whole c o v i d drama: so much projection of ‘mad’ or ‘dangerous’ onto those of us blowing whistles… stones thrown at those of us alerting the collective to the allopathic bulldozer crushing towards us… Even our asking simple questions of the terribly perverse ‘logic’ being pumped into the psyche of the world, can get us insults and threats.

podcast on Keeping In The Divinity Of Truth

Part of what’s so wrong with modern life is our inability to think, act and take responsibility for ourselves; we delegate our well-being into the hands of external agencies. What might have originally been perfectly logical and useful structures to free our time and energy for leisure and luxury… have morphed into forces against the very people who prescribe to them.

This is an illustration of our immense power to create, inverted: our creative power is both invisible to us, and distorted against us – our divine creative flow is frozen.

Our collective power being invisible, and being contorted against us – this might have one of these consequences: either our spiralling out of control into end-of-days chaos, as we accept the ultimate controls over our lives and aggressive intrusions into our/ others’ natural health – a descent into an atrophied form of human living…


Our being forced to consider that this all seems an untrustworthy exaggeration of truth, and thus to recognise that there must be a more to this story than meets the eye… and to eventually connect with other wise-ethical-passionate humans who are working towards positive solutions rather than The Final Solution.

We all have an immense, inimitable creative power to bring great good and LIFE into being – to grow energy, to accumulate vitality and inspiration, to share love and enthusiasm and connectedness. to find solutions to anything that comes our way. Our creative power is awakened through our whole being getting unblocked and then activated – the sum of the parts becoming something greater than the disconnected self.

Whereas our destructive and atrophying-of-life tendencies are accumulated through our fear-tension-pain: when we’re in high anxiety, we can be herded easily into cowering compliance, because we’re convinced that the only solution is fighting tooth and nail against a common enemy; anyone who isn’t with us fighting at all costs, is on the side of the enemy.

This differences in these two dynamics might be something to consider, to ruminate on, to look deeper into. In relation to Truth, to our creative power, and to our future being healthy and natural – or even existing at all, it feels important that we bring consciousness into the choices and the consents that we’re currently making.

For further reading, as mentioned in the podcast:

Uncensored information on a variety of the issues around C o v i d and v a x culture/ psychosis: Questioning Covid

Learn about homeopathy and how it has been healing and halting pandemics for centuries: a solid place to begin might be USA-based Free And Healthy Children International and/ or 24/7 Homeopathy (worldwide)

Natural law and non-consent to allopathic oppression of our health: Solutions Empowerment

The or PeakD decentralised, uncensored, crypto-paying social media collective – you can being your journey away from the blinkered, white-bread world of mainstream social media, on a platform like this – it’s very different to F***book and the rest!

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MUCH love, blessings and power to you – be well, be educated, be empowered and be free,


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