consent, freedom, health, law… Truth


Can the truth be true, if you’re being selectively fed a tiny sliver of a much bigger and darker picture, and that tiny sliver is a specific manipulation of your fears, in order to pull you – consenting – into an organised destruction of your very health, mental freedom, liberty to move around and make choices, your very capacity to consciously exist?

podcast on consent, freedom, health, law… Truth

This is a rhetorical question; ‘truth’ is not Truth if it’s neither whole nor pure – if it’s not for our benefit or our well-being, but it is masquerading as such.

Perhaps we’ve been conditioned over the centuries, into believing in truth as a solid, impenetrable, fixed, permanent thing – with a oneness to it – there can be no arguing or presenting alternative views.

Of course, the most basic mind tricks and optical illusions can prove to us how easily our brain is tricked into seeing one thing rather than another: Truth is fluid, complicated, biodiverse and accumulative: our collective Truth is more than the sum of the parts – it is wide, deep, dynamic and alive.

The greater Truth of a basic ‘truth’ or widely-held ‘facts’ is in the WHY – why are we being told such things? – e.g. to what end are we being asked to consent to seemingly inconsequential but ubiquitous restrictions, controls, surveillance and compromises?

SYMPTOMS ARE GIFT conversation with Shelly Garrison, homeopath
listen to the SYMPTOMS ARE GIFT as a podcast

When we study deeper and further into the future, if we understand the agenda – i.e. the current, the short-term and the long-term objectives of our compromise – we can begin to comprehend that ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ are a pale imitation of a holistic and open-eyed, open-minded worldview.

A holistic, dynamic perspective allows us to understand Truth as an active reality; one in which we both participate and co-create, and which in turn affects and moves us.

a video around Living In the Gift from our community on of the same name: 21 reasons why covid is a great gift for humanity

Unfortunately, our average existence is conditioned into such a state of non-creative, such passivity and bondage, that the next steps in our collective atrophy will seem perfectly logical – we might even defend them, most ironically, as if our lives depended on it.

So… what to say, in our currently-widely-accepted as ‘necessary’ ‘reality’ of fear, anxiety, isolation, restrictions and surveilling? I’d begin with the question: what is real health, and how can I strengthen my own and my loved ones’ vitality and well-being?

In my Life experience and my significant journey to whole health and vitality – and with what I know from studying modern science and holistic medicine – fear, anxiety, isolation, restrictions and surveilling are prime ingredients for mental-physical-emotional-spiritual dis-ease – they are most certainly neither short-term or long-term solutions to any health challenge.

So starting with that, I’d go on to question who is actually creating this fear, anxiety, etc – and to what end? There are plenty of answers – long chains of influence and power-playing, complex mining of data in order to manipulate on a planetary scale, a horribly-visible end-game that it’s pointless referencing here, until you’re ready to pull away the veils….

At the same time: there is a rapidly-expanding illumination of our interbeing; a global awareness of the actual agendas in play, a freeing of the polemic mind, and a stepping into collective-conscious healing, empowerment and positive action.

We have never lived in times like these: we are in the midst of potent transformation – for good and/ or for not-good (i.e. for dishonourable profiteering and destruction of the natural lives of a large percentage of our planetary population). Our very creative capacity as living, breathing, reasoning and honour-full men and women is mortally threatened in this very moment. If you still think that the systems and processes in our modern world are benign forces of convenience, that they care for us and are trying to protect or even serve us… you are terribly, awfully, massively-negative-consequences mistaken. That is the Truth, whether you see it yet, or don’t want to ever.

Choices made now – from small, manipulated ‘facts’, being piped into us 24/7 through all mainstream channels – are likely to literally decide the fate of billions globally. Please look deeper, please ask the pertinent questions that should be being asked, and please join forces with others who are seeking solutions, health, vitality and freedom for all.


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MUCH love, blessings and power to you – be truly wholly well, be deeply and widely educated, be empowered and be free,


Further reading and viewing, as mentioned in the podcast:

If you think that the mining of your online data is a relatively inconsequential procedure; get informed about what it really means, and how there is intentional wholesale interference in our very perception of reality: understand how surveillance capitalism is controlling our world to dark ends

Uncensored information on a variety of the issues around C o v i d and v a x agenda: Questioning Covid – please note that it’s not abut which side we’re on, but about knowing the full height and depths, beyond the superficial narrative and misleading ‘science’

The uncomfortable Truth around the ‘p l a n d e m i c’ (and updated part two of this film can be found here) *I’ve just been banned from F***book for sharing this powerfully informative film* …and the disturbing facts behind current v a c c i n e developments which are already being tested on vast numbers of unwitting volunteers

The Line In The Sand webinar covers up-to-date news from around the globe on what is actually happening right now with the agenda being rolled out – and will give you a sense of hope around what we can do to avoid this incoming catastrophe

Learn about homeopathy and how it has been healing (i.e. halting) pandemics for centuries: a solid place to begin would be USA-based Free And Healthy Children International and/ or 24/7 Homeopathy (worldwide). Note that there are multiple solutions to C o v i d that are well-documented, but are being aggressively censored and hidden from public knowledge by pharmaceuticals

Natural law and non-consent, common law – how we align with highest laws that free us from oppression …and ultimately from forced depopulation: Solutions Empowerment

On that subject; understand what your strawman is – this is probably the most important link to gaining a clear perspective in all of this: further explanation (it is fairly mind-boggling!) is in this podcast around how the whole illusion came about – what we’re actually consenting to in the everyday

The or PeakD decentralised, uncensored, crypto-paying social media collective – begin your journey away from the blinkered, white-bread world of mainstream social media – meet open minds, hearts and spirits, and have sane conversations about both current events and where we go from here

2 thoughts on “consent, freedom, health, law… Truth

  1. Yes Clare confusing and frustrating times indeed. Like you my creative side keeps me sane and gives me purpose.
    I do believe ,as with most things in this existence ,that people may get little bits and pieces that they find do not add up ,when it comes to our systems. But perhaps it is not until you get a BIG WHACK from dealings with our systems that you can really wake up [if it doesn’t destroy you]. I call it a personal jigsaw and the more pieces you have to the jigsaw the clearer the picture becomes. I think my jigsaw has many pieces in place and the picture is not pretty. But what keeps me going is the knowledge [belief] that the truth cannot be defeated ,only slowed down. And the future [distant in human terms but not universe terms] is a beautiful one of unity in diversity.


    1. Hi dear Mark! It’s beautiful to find your response here – thank you! – YES – I believe too in the jigsaw, and have been talking with others studying sovereignty and natural law, about how this is the equivalent of studying a degree – perhaps a Masters degree! I too believe in our future – near or far – being one of beauty and unity – and even that this reality exists right now, but we have to align with it, notice it, embody it, activate it. For many folks in the world, right now they’re aligning with valueless rigid unethical psychosis – the real v i r u s – and things are going to get a hell of a lot uglier before they get more beautiful. I spent a lot of energy trying to help folks see this dynamic, and to see the real structures and the nature of the manipulation… but there’s a deep awareness coming through many of us now, that things have to unfold further before they can be remedied or healed. Sometimes the best remedy is simply being by the side of people who are battling with Life/ nature/ God/ each other/ the world – and keeping them inspired, calm, tuned in, the best that we can. Much love and thanks again to you for connecting 🙂 Clare


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