Community without limitations, free speech, creating the change we want to see in the world…

painting from my time in an artists’ community in Cyprus, around 2002

Hallo beautiful living women and men,

I’ve had various adventures trying to connect deeply with others across the interweb, but this past couple of years in particular, with the gaping void of real connection opening up throughout the p l a n d e m i c, it’s a beautiful new reality of interbeing that is dripping into our digital connectedness.

Here’s a new podcast I’ve made – around the subject of community in our current world:

podcast on community without limits, and the intimacy of online interbeing

As Truth becomes more elusive in the mainstream, those of us seeking Truth magnetise and congregate to share it, where our voices are censored and blocked we’re looking for others who’ve had similar experiences and finding many. Where we’re feeling that deep sense of detachment or isolation, we’re naturally gravitating towards wholeness, closeness.

Nothing in Nature is an accident: even man-made effects or manipulations – on the global scale, and involving all of us – take on an organic, spontaneous and unpredictable energetic dynamic of their own; a new Way appears, that no-one thought of yet.

unfinished painting, Family Of Selves, started in Cyprus

This is one of the many reasons that myself and others feel a potent, nourishing optimism about what is REALLY happening, right alongside the myriad dramas and distractions that seem so prevalent across the usual channels.


I came across my favourite quote again on an old picture; this quote could be adapted to so many things in Life, but particularly to community – at this time when we might feel like the very fabric of our culture is separating into threads and becoming unstable, the solution is rooted in making the change we want to see around us. The solution is connecting, rather than not connecting.

Coming up in March another gorgeous painting workshop via Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) – Painting The Wild Woman Awake! I would so love to connect with you on this – the previous art workshops I’ve done online with VAWAA have been deeply moving and enriching, and it feels like a perfect channel to transmit this energetic freedom that comes through painting intuitively from our core….

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Much love indeed to you – blessings on your enlightened power in this Eternal Now, Always

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