This podcast speaks to our wild self, our wild nature, and to how our wildness has been not just tamed but methodically shamed the fuck out of us. And how we’re very much the worse off for this.

In the context of our nature, health and well-being, the wild has been stigmatised for generations, but no more so than now – where the sacred act of breathing freely is considered ‘wrong’ and even outlawed. The raising of our voice to speak our spontaneous Truth has similarly been systematically cornered and captured, through schooling, workplace norms and societal conditioning: our minds have been closed and placed under observation, as if we were a beast out to gobble up children.

The quelling of our wild self has happened imperceptibly – to those of us not looking-listening-feeling – robbed from us, and with it has disappeared our vitality, intuition, autonomy and sovereignty. Not for all of us, but for a large swathe of the population who feel ‘safer’ medicalised, bleached, pre-programmed, and with every element of our very Lives dictated and surveilled.

As I’ve talked about at length in previous podcasts, the dark, wild, shadow self is something that we can either live in symbiosis with – or fight to the death with. The mainstream option is ‘obligatory’; life is struggle, and we are expected to flock together in tension and terror, to combat this frightening place we find ourselves born into, effort-fully striving to make sense of the chaotic maelstrom that has been ‘normalised’.

However, many of us know that this ‘normalised striving’ is a very poor alternative to Living A Natural Life; that actually, Natural Law and Living in tune with one’s surroundings and each other, is not only possible, but it is infinitely preferable. Many of us living women and men know – not from a detached, fed-to-us-by-media ‘knowing’ but from a deep, embodied, holistic Knowing – that we are meant to be so much more than this… and the ‘more’ is intimately entwined with our wild or dark side.

When the wild is fully integrated in us we have access to power, synchrony, forces of divine creative genius, energy, inspiration, peace and love… When it is denied, we have disease, psychosis and chaos.

It’s not about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but about what we actually want to create. Because whether we’re conscious of it or not, we ARE CREATING THIS REALITY: we’re participating in systems, patterns, behaviours, hierarchies and customs that are bringing about the symptoms that we collectively are currently experiencing. If we want True, positive change, we have to look very deeply and consciously at WHAT WE’RE ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING IN.

The atrophying of our current rigid systems of control, is indicative of the part of our Self that is crumbling: the part that is has denied our wildness, our instinct, our embodied Truth. The false construct of separation could only ever hold us temporarily – it has served its time, now we’re like bracken shoots ripping up the tarmacadam – we’re breaking through the artificial boundary that was set to keep us from growing into our full Self. Now we can begin to see where that growth will lead us.



around the wild feminine

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Clare xx

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