Activating Infinite Health


The prevailing myth of our current collective ‘normalcy’ is that our body is inherently flawed, without vital force or taproot into the Divine, and dependent on perpetual interference and, ultimately, absolute medicalisation.

This podcast speaks to the Truth of our enormous potential to heal ourselves: how all that we need is within us, how we have access to unlimited free energy at all times, how each of us has a unique path to our enlightened health – and how only a truly whole-istic and personal approach can bring us back to our Self.

I feel that we can best activate each others’ healing, through sharing openly and without inhibition, our own expansive healing journey; what works for us to bring us back to alignment and harmony, can work through symbiotic resonance with another.

Anything and everything that we do right now remove ourselves from the herding of humanity into pharmaceutical Armageddon, is a step towards Life and global harmony. We’re ripe for this shift in direction: it’s never been a more important time to share and speak out about the real nature of Healing and Health, and our words and openness have never had a more potent and beneficial effect on the planet.

Blessings on your vibrant health awakening,

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