What Is Right, and Inalienable Rights

What Do We Identify With/ What is our Identity? One snapshot in the Eternal Now; representing my power through my reflection in a red pool – conscious returning Blood to Earth

What Do We Identify With? Where does our identity limit us, contain us, make us something static and dead rather than something Living and Breathing of Flesh and Blood and Sentience? This is a podcast on the complex interrelationship of coerced consent to our own ever-more-limited experience of Life.

I’m talking here about ongoing expansive exploration into Self – into the Nature of our ‘human’ ‘life’ and how it can and SHOULD be so much more beautiful, pleasureful and symbiotic. I’m speaking to the Fact that we get stuck in our growth, our expansion, at specific points – usually manipulated by the agenda to keep stuck in those points; contracted, in contraction or tension of identifying/ focussing all our lifeforce on that issue or specific ‘concept’ – when our True Nature is biodiverse, vibrant, colourful, balanced beauty-in-conscious-action.

RainbowHead Man, a small painting created between 2002-9 Masculine power activating through natural syntropy of conscious relationship with All Things In The Eternal Now

I’m sharing some snapshot digital images of living paintings and scenes from my Life: to illustrate the concepts unfolding in the podcast – what do we ‘copyright’ or control about Life? Where do we limit our identity by contracting with others in labelling/ separating Life into false categories? Where can we keep moving deeper, wider, higher – rather than getting stuck in a loop of righteous rather than Right, Natural (Living) Belief and Conscious Living Action rather than automated, repetitive reaction.

detail of a small painting from 2009: RainbowHead Couple: snapshot of conscious Creative Flow of awareness around Shared Expansiveness Through Love

The ‘copyrighting’ of the Natural, Ephemeral Rainbow, for example is a powerful illustration of how we lose site of the metaphor of the Living colour spectrum in action: it’s True Nature as a dynamic relationship between our mind, eye, position on the Living Earth, and the light of sun touching and acting through humidity and space-time. The power of the rainbow as medicine – as embodied, liberated Gaia-Sophia consciousness in Living Action through Us, is greatly diminished by the colonisation of ‘rainbow’ as a fixed concept into a flag and ‘movement’.

These subjects have huge relevance at this time, when we’re increasingly being constrained into smaller and tighter versions of ‘reality’, and more aggressive trespasses over our boundaries of thinking-being-feeling-knowing. It’s powerfully important to keep the Real Movement in our Living Expression of Life on this planet, rather than passively consenting to its accumulated dumbing down, interference and effort-full manipulation by a Life-destroying agenda that we all pay into.

Thank you for listening, witnessing and sharing!

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All Rights Reserved, None Given

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4 thoughts on “What Is Right, and Inalienable Rights

  1. You are so right, Clare, the cooptation of the rainbow imagery by the “powers that shouldn’t be” is a perfect example of what’s going on all around us. For sure it’s all about frequencies, seeing and neither accepting nor rejecting any of them. Just open our eyes, ears, hearts, minds. Lovely paintings! Hope your painting workshop upcoming may be by donation because if so, perhaps I’ll attend. Thank you for your sharing here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi dearest Gwendolyn! Aaah, I sooo appreciate your beautiful wise response!! YES!!! Neither opposing nor taking ownership of any view, but allowing our Self to coexist in creative expansion.
      I was just messaging a good friend, about the projection of ‘camps’ onto everyone; I used to feel the effort of having to convince the person projecting onto me, that I am NOT and anti-this or a contro-that: now I recognise that I am a LIVING being engaged in a LIVING conversation with that person, and that their inability to imagine a reality with more biodiversity than black or white, right or wrong, is a limitation; that I am not negating any one view, and my immunity to projection means that if they persist in polemic-brain perspective – it’s probably going to be to their detriment.
      I wish that the art workshop were by donation!! But it’s being run via an organisation that I don’t control the price with…. However, I will be happy to connect individually and collectively with my Patreon patrons from my studio, and would love to know how best you’d like to share time and inspiration! Blessings and love, Clare


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