Death: Expansion Or Contract?

painting from 2000, Healing, Letting Go – around Ben’s death

Death: Expansion or Contract?

With ‘death’ having been held over our heads as a means of coercing us into compliance in every which way lately: our intense fear of years passing, of infecting vibes and germs being in the air or coming from others’ mouths towards ours, our resistance of ‘the end’ by desperately clinging to ever-more-complete submission to false medicine – we could be forgiven for getting lost in the fable of scarcity, finality, and the physical body being our defining limitation.

You can listen via this voice file, Or, go to the ClareAndTheArtOfLife podcast!

This Living Voice Transmission (formerly known as a ‘podcast’!) is questioning our relationship with End of Life; the Divine Difference or Contrast between viewing ‘death’ as a definitive finishing point of ‘all things’ and of our ‘identity’ Or, Our Living Knowing of Life as Eternal Now, and Our Changing, Evolving Reality – in Life and Beyond Life – as Being the Infinite Divine Intelligence Knowing Itself.

These Thoughts come from my Embodied Being, In This Life-Time; Having Come Close to Death – The Sacred Passing-Over – in My Own Bodily Existence, As Well As Having Been Intimate to Close Friends and to Close Family, As They’ve Passed Over.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject: join me to hear more transmissions of Living Word, Art, Healing and Truth – and to Support my Life and Art – Blessings!

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