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Voice, new painting almost finished

An intense couple of weeks with both injured cats and new kittens, has been a Great Blessing in learning Deeply around Expression; how we fully Express Our Truth: through Movement, Voice, Vitality, Uniqueness, Freedom…. Here I’m Speaking to how our Being Fully Our Self might be the Remedy to All The World’s ills!

Living Voice Transmission on Expression!

There’s much about our Innate Expression that is profoundly suppressed from our inception: we Live Now in times where some of us are hurtling towards a world without life, a ‘life’ without Natural Expression – a sterilised, infertile, stagnant parody of Real Life and Of Natural Vitality.

The Great Gift, and The Intense Beauty of This Now, is that We, Conscious Beings, Living Men and Women, Have in our Hands, Voices, Body-Mind-Spirit, and in our Collective Creative Genius, the Power To Remedy All ‘ills’.

We Are Divine Creative Vitality – The Force runs through our veins and our synaptic connections, our adrenal systems and our dreams: we have the capacity through our Hands and Feet, Mouth and Eyes to participate in Life as though we Are Part Of Life, and thus to move us All away from this pointless, pain-full nightmare of ‘un-creation’ cul-de-sac that we’ve been lured into!

This Sunday and Monday you’re very warmly welcomed to join me in my Arthouse Studio: details on this post. We’ll paint together from 4 pm CET/ Rome time this Sunday – and also on Monday at both 11 am and 4 pm.

Contact me directly if you’d like to meet at a different time… you can also find Gift buttons on that page.


Love and Beauty to You,

2 thoughts on “Expression!

  1. Hi Clare, just a quick note to say that your podcasts and video messages are wonderful and thank you for sharing your life and love.

    Please stay safe and keep well


    1. You are so generous to comment like this – it makes a hugely positive start to my day, dear Steve! Thank you to you, too!!! Blessings on your day and All Blessings on your Well-Being also! Clare


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