Is ‘Life Purpose’ An Oxymoron?


Beautiful Friend…

This ‘podcast’ or Living Voice Sharing, is around how our True Lived Meaning is distorted by the concept of our having to ‘find’ our ‘life’ ‘purpose’… The concept of ‘branding’, ‘labelling’ and ‘defining’ our Real Life – on paper, in soundbites, in digital formats.

The Art of Life, instead, is in our Creative Mastery of the depths of complexity and nuance of Living. If We can Comprehend a deeply-Lived Life as inherently Purpose-Full, the ‘purpose’ is not a ‘thing’ having to be proved, dumbed down or over-simplified – it won’t require a label or a categorisation…

Living Voice Sharing on Is ‘Life’ ‘Purpose’ An Oxymoron?

Pulling away the veils of the system and norms that we accept in mainstream, there’s a profound awareness that flows in, which effortlessly carries us to where we can best Be. There’s no pigeon-hole, box, role: we just do all that we are meant to do, with passionate abandon… peace-fully and happily.

This doesn’t meant that we never struggle, but our efforts most certainly are less torturous, more fulfilling.

performance in Caserta, Italy 2010


Every 1st of the month, I open my Arthouse Studio via Jitsi online meeting space online – check your local time via World Time Buddy here – we’ll meet for for between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how the session unfolds. Join me and others in co-creation. For more details on prepping for the session, see this post – or just turn up with colours and a surface to put them on; any kind of paint, pencil, pen or medium, and a good-sized solid surface.

You’re warmly welcomed: all levels of art experience – so long as you have the willingness to let go and to embrace the process of spontaneous unfolding!

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