We Should Listen To Women Much More!


Welcome dear friend

This Living Voice Sharing is around the feminine voice; the Truth of Women, the Song of the Womb… the uncorked, revered, respected, heard expression of the female perspective.

Female artists, writers, musicians, birthers, dancers, creators – when our Sacred, Whole Voice is brought into the world, welcomed, made space for – extraordinary magic can unfold.

It’s hard to envisage what we’ve lost over the millennia, throughout patriarchy, and throughout this long era of anti-natural and anti-feminine law-education-religion-politics-economy.

But we’re beginning to get a taste for what a world balanced with the Deep Feminine might be. The transition may even be happening in a straightforward, methodical, gentle and benign manner, as all things timely unfold; we might simply be stopping following false leaders, un-law-full patterns, disharmonious roles.

Already, many Living Women and Living Men are seeking horizontal, cooperative rapport-with-all-things – already great shifts are being made in regards to what we’re willing to tolerate or be coerced into. There’s an effortless movement into creative rather than forced Ways, and I Know that Women’s real experiences of Life are absolutely central to this.

Keep in touch with my Living In The Gift website, contact me here and support my work via Patreon or other links on this site – I live in Gift.

Blessings, Peace, Truth and Love to you,

All Rights Reserved, None Given

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