How Can We Unravel What’s Really Happening?

Living Voice Sharing on How We Can Unravel What’s Really Happening Right Now

Beautiful Friend

Many folks are starting to open to the Facts and Evidence around the long-standing agenda against human Life on on this planet – not quickly enough to halt the suffering and death that’s rolling out under that agenda. But there is promising movement.

The rate at which we’re able to disentangle ourselves from the covid hoax, and to recognise it as the tip of a veritable planet-sized iceburg, will measure the merit of our consciousness – or our lack of it.

As unpleasant or uncomfortable as it might seem initially, it is All of Our Responsibility to stop the trajectory that humanity has been on for so long. It’s also Within All of Our Power to turn it around, and to instead start working towards the Life that was our Birth Right: Vibrant Health, Natural Freedom, Sovereignty, Truth, Transparency and Justice.

Even those of us who believe in pharma, top-down aggressive controls, deep bureaucracy and coercion – even those of us most oblivious to and most benefiting from the current status quo in which our souls are enslaved to such ugly diminishment of the Bounty we could be Living – we are each and every one of us profoundly Responsible for the Reality that we’re holding in place collectively.

I’m passionate about how we present evidence in the Way that can best call us all to be more conscious of the part that we’re playing; there is almost always an anecdote, a word placed well, an emotion channelled rightly, strategic use of humour.

Our Sacred Co-Creative duty is in finding the Right Action, planting the seed or the seed thought, making Connections and radiating Truth. Our Sacred Duty is not to sit numbly or blindly, distracted or occupied with trivialities, whilst our planet, cities and even our very mind-body-spirit is being consumed by raging inferno.

The Blessed Life of Humanity has never known a time of more stark contrast between what mainstream is saying and what is actually happening: thus, there has never been a time where it has been more visible what is really wrong with the world. It is most certainly Time to Notice and to Use our Power and Responsibility.


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