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Toxicity is a hot topic for those of us focussed on a better world for every one and every thing; we’re most of us pretty aware of the generalised, accepted toxification of multiple areas of our physical lives, and the pressing need to – somehow – detox from it all.

There’s also the deeper, wider, wholistic energetic aspect of detoxification: the mystical dreamspell of our ‘obligation’ to ‘live’ in the perpetual toxicity of friction, time poverty, striving, polarisation and the compartmentalisation (of Life As One).

letting go – return to Health

In my humble, honest view, our current world situation can be summarised around the topic of toxicity – and, more specifically,around the Sacred Detoxification in Action in This Perfect EveryMoment.

Living Voice Sharing on Toxicity

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Covid, the RNA process, and our collective symptoms in mind body and spirit misclassified as a ‘pandemic’ CAN be seen as a Blessed Gift – IF we’re willing to look both within and into What’s Really Happening. When viewed as a Whole – particularly in the microcosm of precisely what’s transpiring closely around us – we can see multi-levelled release of the toxic. In its place, we can see space, vitality, Truth and Freedom opening up – we are being Activated as a result of the detoxification process.

In any Healthy, Conscious Living Woman or Man, any aspect of toxicity, infection, contamination will Naturally (as in Nature) be ex-pressed: symptoms will move from the core aligned with All Things – including Divine Co-Creative Intelligence – outwards.

This movement of dissipation, this Living Dynamic power-in-motion, will dissipate most wholesomely whatever unwholesome interference or poison within us. Whatever contamination will evaporate, disperse, release without harming anyone or anything; it will return to Source, return into the ether, return to its constituent atoms or energetic building blocks.

We can haver elaborately over what for us is toxic and what for us isn’t, but this would distract from and even block the potentissimo letting go whose season has come, whose time we are now living through.

I urge All to take Responsability AND RIGHT ACTION with their own, unique biodiverse letting go – and to enjoy most fully the Gift of what imense energies are freed-up by that Good Detoxification. Don’t be distracted with others’ processes or projections: keep the focus on Release and Whole Health of All Things!

As a Living Woman who has transformed myriad areas of detoxification – grief, anger, abandonment, poverty, ‘disability’ and prejudice – into Well-ness, Full-Fill-Ment, Liberty and Spiritual Bliss, I Know that as I Release ANY toxicity – in Aligned Reverence for All Things – I also Free a Flow of Consciousness and Synchrony that was previously quelled.

All things that were hidden are calling now to be seen. All things that were numb are calling now to be felt. All things that were manipulated are calling now to be corrected. All perversions of Natural Law are NOW being called into Right Order.

See, Listen, Feel, Act Rightly and bring the Natural Order back into our Reality: it is our True Nature, Health and our Birth Right.


Every 1st of the month, I open my Arthouse Studio via Jitsi online meeting space – check your local time via World Time Buddy here – we’ll meet for for between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how the session unfolds. Join me and others in co-creation. For more details on prepping for the session, see this post – or just turn up with colours and a surface to put them on; any kind of paint, pencil, pen or medium, and a good-sized solid surface.

You’re warmly welcomed: all levels of art experience – so long as you have the willingness to let go and to embrace the process of spontaneous unfolding!

Blessings on your Journey

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