Immunity, Sovereignty and The Living Boundary that Authorises us to Be In Harmony with All Things


Many labels that we have for ‘aspects’ of Our Self, Our Nature, and Our Experience in Life – are significant distractions from our moving always into our Potential.

Like ‘boundary’ – one of the many concepts that bring us into tense, effortful relationship with all things: we have a physical idea of a hard separation, and we focus our energy towards a preconceived ‘task’ of building something rigid, through force, to protect us…

Here are some Genuinely Alternative, Panoramic Views on what Real Boundary is; a Living, Interbeing of Vibrant, Whole Spirit-Full Life – finding Co-Creative Relationship with Every Thing we come into contact with.

Blessings on Your Day!

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PS Your generous support this month will go to bringing this beautiful wee spirit into good health and a new life: he turned up on the Via a couple of days ago, lost, and has been resting and eating for the past few days with me, Betty and Beniamino… He is very special, and seems to be bonding with me, and wanting to stay on my lap most of the day… New studio cat.

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