my art room is open!


Ciao Beauty-Full Friend!

On Saturday I gathered with gorgeous friends old and new to celebrate My Birth Day Anniversary, and the Opening of The Art Room – a new space to gather, create and celebrate all things Art and Sovereignty, together!

The Art Room – Via Dietro Gli Orti, Guardia Sanframondi, Italy – is now Open by appointment – Art, Tea, Wine, Intelligent Holistic Chat and Heart-Felt Expansive Consciousness…

We had the most sweet, heart-felt, happy Fun with a perfect mix of just-enough-wine, juice, pizza, cake from Heidi, potato tart from Antonello, great Life-Full music – all interspersed with herbal teas and hugs!

It was a magical day, with a big wedding also, up at the top piazza in the middle of town – an open toast with everyone dressed in bright finery in the September sunshine… It had rained the night before – breaking a long drought – so everything was washed clean ready for our collective festivities.

Having my friends with me was particularly special this weekend: I’ve struggled these past years being the ‘only non-mask-wearer in the village’, and knowing what I know about all the levels of manipulation around the agenda – and obviously not consenting to it… It has been incredibly upsetting to have folks directly attack and threaten me… for breathing, and for standing for EVERYONE’S Inalienable Rights to breathe, move freely, know Truth, etc. It has also been incredibly challenging to shift into such a low income, having lost at least half of my ‘supporters’ and ‘followers’, and no longer being on any form of mainstream ‘social’ ‘media’…

I haven’t had a party in years, either! So this day filled to the brim with Cheer, intimacy, Love and Real Community, it was just utterly Glorious! Thank you for your wishes and Gifts from afar – they also contributed to hugely to the high vibration we collectively created on Saturday… It is a most profound Blessing to feel this Deep Sense again of Belonging.

I’m still buzzing, and am very excited to now have The Art Room there ready for visitors – it’s great to have this space back in action, and to have a private place other than my studiuo to invite folks into…

This weekend was also interesting in having heard from Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) that they’re now ‘guaranteeing’ or ‘assuring’ all guests and hosts will be jib-jabbed and or tested before vacations. I am withdrawing from working with them, and am glad in many ways, to finally have a clear, open statement of their stance. I look forward to offering far more affordable art holidays to guests, which can now be tailored even more specifically to their needs and wants in their Unique Creative Expansion journey.

All in all, these past days mark a whole new, Life-Full direction in my Art; I can’t wait to outline Living Art Sessions in The Art Room, and to more fully embrace whatever wants to unfold here… Exciting times indeed!

Blessings, Love and Peace to you!

Do help spread the word about this project – and my Art! – by sharing this blog with anyone you know might be interested in participating in any way!

All Rights Reserved, None Given


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