Beautiful Soul Friend,

Welcome to my podcast!

The Arthouse has been bustling with crazy the past week – as I removed this wee ‘tent stove’ (really for high level camping) – and replaced it with this beast:

It feels now like the core of the home has been activated!

It was no small job, and this is no average old stove the someone was throwing out…

I’m sharing below photos from what the space was like when I first came to the house…

And some snapshots from from how the whole area looks now – cosy as **** and harmonising daily into divine elegant simplicity!

join us in creative expansion!

We’re now doing weekly painting sessions as well as the first of the month ones: join us on my Jitsi Arthouse Studio HERE from 4pm Rome, Italy time.

AND let me know if you are in a particular time zone that requires a different hour that I can accomodate: I plan to have more regular sessions, and to open them to a wider category of creative expansion – so don’t be shy!

As ever, these sessions are gifted, and at the same time I live in Gift – see my Gift page about how to support my work.

Blessings and LOVE to you!

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