What Is Woman?

image taken by myself at il Giardino Dei Tarocchi, Capalbio

Blessed Friend!

Here’s my latest podcast: it’s one of a series on the subjects of my new website heading: What Is Woman? – and I’ll be sharing privately longer deeper dives into the subject only on my Patreon, as these are sensitive transmissions and not for everyone!

This is a particular podcast: going deep into the question of what we even ARE as Woman. It is part one of a two part – even deeper dive – into the subject. Part two of this vocal essay will be presented on my Patreon only. It will be followed soon by a series on What Is Art? and What Is Sex?

The Co-Creation Sessions

Our Co-Creative Sessions have moved to Zoho rather than Jitsi – it’s more stable and clear! For the time being, we have space for up to 10 beautiful creatives… If you’d like to get access to the links to join, contact me directly: I send them out – for now – via my mailing list and Signal App.

Blessings and Great Love to you!

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