Birth Day vs Divine Consciousness!

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Beloved Witness,

This is another podcast around the profound process of clarifying our True Divinely-Conscious Identity, and the bringing together of aspects of the whole which have been pulled out of focus – in particular, by the aggressive and methodical suppression of women’s health and power and the sacred quality of Life itself, during the medicalised ‘birthing’ process.

Again, as I’ve presented lately; this podcast is a direct transmission of soulwork and expansive Co-Creativity – it can probably best be absorbed in a deeply reflective space, in Nature and / or in domestic alchemy. 🙂

Love and All Merit Gained,

In Sovereignty,

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Natural Law vs surveillance – podcast

art, co-creation, domestic alchemy, inspiration, mentalhealthawareness, natural law, podcast, sovereignty, spirituality
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Dear Soul Friend

This is an all-new format for my sharings here: I’m working with limited tech… this is bringing me more freedom and gifts, rather than any sense of scarcity (as conventional ‘logic’ would dictate)… It’s helping me see the possibility of a much-simplified online presence.

The Art Of Life podcast: Natural Law vs surveillance

I’d love to invite you to listen in to this podcast with full bodymindspirit attention, whilst doing something active and/ or creative: these are living transmissions, intentioned towards your sentience and into our collective co-creative expansiveness.

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I’m still hoping to get a monthly-esque synopsis of news and inspiration to those who are supporting me, but reserve the Right to improvise, as needs must!

May your everymoment be drenched in Love, Harmony and Insight!