IS NOT A STATIC OBJECT ON A WALL – it’s an alive sentient force that connects us with  e v e r y t h i n g 


Art is really about how we physical beings open an aperture to see and feel the mystical depths of the everyday. 

Art has always been a gateway into the spiritual; rich in depth and meaning for everyone. It used to be something used, worn, that made up ceremony, and was part of everyday life.

In modern western commercialism, it has largely been replaced by ‘instant gratification’ buzzes of every variety, and the magic sucked right out of our rich relationship with the whole.

The false hierarchy of ‘culture’ tells the average human that they cannot be creative; we may only consume and observe the world passively. We’re told that life is meaningless, and that we have to scrabble for crumbs, rather than the truth of LIFE flowing through us – when we’re aligned with our gifts! – our inherent capacity should be to effortlessly attract all that we need and love to us.

‘artists’ and ‘art’ have become more conceptual, less sensitive, less connected, as modern life has evolved. People outwith the hierarchy of the elite realm have become more and more removed from the magic of the everyday – and our inimitable role in that magic – as a direct result of having art, ceremony, meaning removed from our daily norms.

Though we’ve been sold an immense, elaborate fib about creative power, many of us are now waking up to our creative capacity – finding voice and expression for ideas, joining collective power structures and growing energy. Like nature, art has always managed to flourish and evolve – to be meaningful – even when blocked, censored, ignored, suppressed.

Real artists (in particular, women) have been making meaningful, powerful art, and living profoundly enriched and fulfilled lives, all these centuries. 

We all know the sense of freedom that comes from drawing and painting, or working with our hands; that transcendence and sense of wholeness. We all know how good it felt to be a child scribbling with with happy arms stretched out over paper. We all thrived making things some point in our lives: our creative power comes effortlessly in those moments. 

But what if this is how we’re meant to be throughout our lives – expanding and learning and becoming happier, always?

A happy, healthy human being – working creatively, and aligned with their soul – is in control of their own destiny and their own precious time: they have a glorious absence of the mental-emotional-social-energetic tensions that have come to be considered ‘real life’. Rather than feeling detached and without purpose, we’re meant to feel deeply fulfilled: as happy creative beings, we know what we want, and how to get it; we manifest easily and joyfully.

Creativity is an inherent part of human being – it’s an inner eye which can be trained and exercised, and opened and opened, until it is a wide, honed channel for divine inspiration.

Real, free, creative human beings are all artists: they are inherently making stuff, building energy, inspiring, finding solutions and beauty everywhere, and are in harmony with the interconnectedness-of-all-things. 

When we start using our creative power and potential as human beings, we’re far more able to: shape a super-fulfilling life for ourselves; radiate outwards an immense positive energy and influence; improve our health and well-being; to find solutions to all of our problems and blocks, and find magic and meaning in the everyday…

The world of art is often seen as a labyrinth, full of mysterious language and locked doors, so many folks don’t ever begin their creative adventures. This is where I come in: I’m super-passionate about everyone knowing their unique creative power – and have over 35 yrs of success as an independent radical fine artist, unfolding my inimitable visual language and holistic philosophy.

Just to be super-clear: I AM NOT talking about clever art tricks or gimmicky shortcuts to painting realistic copies of stuff – I’m talking about YOUR INIMITABLE ART GENIUS – which is sitting right now, a seed (or perhaps an enthusiastic wild horse!) waiting to be released into the light.

We all have access to the immense magic of creative flow, right here and right now – come join me to find out more: