Halo Of Thoughts – video and NFT Showroom release – and Live Painting Session today


This is a short video about an original oil painting, Halo Of Thoughts, created in Cyprus from 2000-1, by myself. You have to go to Odysee or LBRY to view it, as WordPress doesn’t permit embedding here, and I’m no longer using Youtube.

Halo Of Thoughts marked a transition, of moving from solitude and intensive self-inquiry, into collective living and co-creating. Being additionally immersed in Cypriot and Mediterranean lifestyle, environment, Nature, sunshine, was also hugely healing and influencial on my painting practise. Just moving from a cold damp flat in north-east Scotland, to a place where effectively I could paint day and night in shorts and a vest – it was powerfully liberating.

I also worked around Paphos as a life model for artists, and visited the beach a lot, which helped me come to a whole new relationship both with comfortably inhabiting my own body, and with freeing up my energy in relationship to painting the human body.

Cyprus seemed like a land steeped in spiritual Truth… I lived up in the hills outside the city; places still very much in the old world. I did a lot of walking out into the landscape, exploring hidden shrines, caves, pools. It was such a special few years, feeling sovereign and physically free-er than ever before, and throwing off the shackles that striving in the north had impressed on me.

DSC_0057 (4).jpg

See my catalogue – downloadable here – for more information on this painting.

And see @clareartista on NFT Showroom for the NFT of this Artwork.

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Later today – Friday 1st October – will be our monthly Open Painting Session together – all are welcome – just bring whichever materials you love to work with!

Join us at 1600 hours, Rome, Italy time.

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A direct link to the session is here.
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on livestreaming from the Arthouse studio…

I’d love your feedback!

I’m restructuring my entire art ‘busy-ness’ and presence online – and am visioning regular live streaming from my Italian Arthouse studio…

This streaming will likely be via my Patreon, which works as Gift economy – pay as you wish/ can/ as you value my sharings.

I’d love this to be spontaneous and structured alternately: showing the real process and consciousness behind the work, and then monthly workshops in a variety of specific topics, like all with the deep-intuitive at the core.

I run an online art school, and it has evolved nicely, but it feels important to be more organic now, as I’m stepping out of the system and into deep sovereignty.

What do you think?

What would you love to learn or be immersed in, from a living artist?

Are there any specific workshops you’d love to see?

Let me know below or via my contact page!

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