The Sovereign Womb & Secret Pregnancy – new podcast announcement

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Dearest Friend and supporter of my work,

I want to let you know: I’ve just published over on Patreon, my new podcast The Sovereign Womb – which is being released there, on Funkwhale/, and over on my @clareartista.

For multifarious multi-dimensional reasons, I am keeping this Secret Pregnancy series (so far there are 10 episodes) in spaces that are more private and reciprocal.

I will possibly publish into a wider realm, like onto my blog here, in the future – but at this point, it is important to maintain the right energetic flows between myself and who I communicate with about my deepest work.

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manifesting is effortless…

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manifesting is effortless!

Dearest treasured friend,

Here is my podcast around Manifesting Being Effortless! You can also listen via my Patreon pages: and via the Aureal podcasting platform over on blockchain (if you don’t know about Hive, just ask me – it’s a far more social, private and rewarding media!).

There has been a big old fashion in the contemporary ‘spiritual’ world around manifestation – at the same time, much of the chitchat in the mainstream is a simplistic model of a polemic ‘mind vs material’ ‘reality’.

Unfortunately, this can be a total head**** for most folks, because it gets into a sordid entanglement of “So I’m creating everything around me – and I don’t like it and want to change it – but the actions I’m taking are making it even worse – which makes me think that I am inherently flawed/ bad/ crazy -which makes me feel that this ‘wrongness’ is making it impossible to stop creating this negative reality around me…..” etc, etc, ad infinitum.

This happens primarily because we’re deferring to an external authority around what is Right for us – unless we’re under our own authorship, aligned with Divine Intelligence and fully present in Now, we’re being steered off course.

Fortunately, the beauty of any negative spiral is that when we can recognise the difference between going into the negative vs going into the positive – we can then begin alchemically tweaking in the everymoment, and move into an upwards spiral instead. This way, we move into ‘manifesting’ what we ‘want’ much more effortlessly.

I speak here to how we can feel into the difference between suffering and expansion, and thus make the infinite tiny wee, easy choices in everymoment, which can free up our relationship-with-all-things, free our vitality and healthfullness, and even have material resources that we need come easily into our field, because we’re ready and accepting of them in the right timing.

Blessings on your everymoment! And please Gift my work via Patreon or Hive – it will empower my life, health and sharing!

What Is Sex – part II

detail from a Sheela-na-gig painting series – see my Patreon to get up-to-date imagery from the Arthouse studio
What Is Sex – part II

Dearest Sacred Soul,

This is the second podcast from my What Is Sex theme – which follows the two from What Is Woman and the two from What Is Art… It delves deeeeeeeep and wiiiiiiiiide into the true purpose and identity of ‘sex’, and how we can liberate ourselves from the conditioned limitation of mainstream thinking-reality… into the expansive and unlimited bliss of oneness with all things.

Listen also on Aureal/ the networks, or on my Patreon.

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Blessings and LOVE!

Vulnerability, Vitality, Power

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podcast version of the video

Beautiful Creative Soul,

Here is a podcast with some thought-feeling-knowings on vulnerability – on how, hidden inside our taboo on ‘feeling’, is our True vitality and power.

Our creative expression is often kept locked inside our never-fully-expressed vulnerability – to our own detriment – but we can effortlessly remove our armouring and become what we are meant to be, through comprehending what real vulnerability is, i.e. by knowing the difference between exposing ourselves, and being truly witnessed.

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Blessings and Life to you!

Free Energy and Real Health!


As I talk about here on my podcast, Real Health and Free Energy are very easily accessed, BUT we live deep inside of a construct – a matrix – that is conditioning us to believe fully in quite the opposite.

Therefore, accessing Free Energy and Health is still an effortless journey that is all of our birthright – at the same time, the removal of this wrong conditoning is the work.

You can listen in also via Aureal and here

And via here

These dramatic times that we’re living through are all about the crumbling of this negative conditioning, which makes it easier in that we have the collective momentum of moving out of the matrix simultaneously. That shared force is another aspect of True Healing that has been obscured from our vision, when it also is absolutely free and available at all times to all of us.

The images referenced in this podcast are inspired by Sheela Na Gig and by the deepest living conversations around our blossoming inter-dimensional consciousness in these times.

Here are some details of the paintings that I’m working on:

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I will not be presenting these paintings to the general public.


We’re now doing weekly painting sessions as well as the first of the month ones: join us on my Jitsi Arthouse Studio HERE on Wednesday 1st December, as 10 am and/ or 5pm Rome, Italy time.

AND let me know if you are in a particular time zone that requires a different hour that I can accomodate: I plan to have more regular sessions, and to open them to a wider category of creative expansion – so don’t be shy!

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How Do I KNOW What To Trust?


Hallo Beautiful Soul Friend!

Here’s a podcast around our collective ability to figure out what the hell this is that we’re Co-Creating!

This podcast is inspired by a heated discussion with my dad around the agenda against our health and happiness, where he frustratedly blurted out “Well who are we supposed to trust then? We have to trust someone!

The short and simple answer, which I tried to get out then, is “Our Self!” – but of course the deep conditioning we all have into not going on our feeling about anything, our arguing our self down from sentience and our throwing ourselves under the influence of ‘logic’ and ‘norms’ – this leaves us very entangled and confused about what it is that we even feel, want, believe…

So this podcast speaks to how we untangle and how we find crystal clarity about precisely Who and What To Trust.

I hope it is of use and inspiration to you – do share if you can!


And we’ll be meeting most Sundays at 4 pm Rome time, to paint whilst delving deep into what’s happening in the world – and what we’re doing/ being about it! To join our Living Painting Sessions and connect with others in open-heart-mind-spirit, click on this link to go to the meeting room – no need to sign up or anything, just come with colours and a surface to paint on!

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Halo Of Thoughts – video and NFT Showroom release – and Live Painting Session today


This is a short video about an original oil painting, Halo Of Thoughts, created in Cyprus from 2000-1, by myself. You have to go to Odysee or LBRY to view it, as WordPress doesn’t permit embedding here, and I’m no longer using Youtube.

Halo Of Thoughts marked a transition, of moving from solitude and intensive self-inquiry, into collective living and co-creating. Being additionally immersed in Cypriot and Mediterranean lifestyle, environment, Nature, sunshine, was also hugely healing and influencial on my painting practise. Just moving from a cold damp flat in north-east Scotland, to a place where effectively I could paint day and night in shorts and a vest – it was powerfully liberating.

I also worked around Paphos as a life model for artists, and visited the beach a lot, which helped me come to a whole new relationship both with comfortably inhabiting my own body, and with freeing up my energy in relationship to painting the human body.

Cyprus seemed like a land steeped in spiritual Truth… I lived up in the hills outside the city; places still very much in the old world. I did a lot of walking out into the landscape, exploring hidden shrines, caves, pools. It was such a special few years, feeling sovereign and physically free-er than ever before, and throwing off the shackles that striving in the north had impressed on me.

DSC_0057 (4).jpg

See my catalogue – downloadable here – for more information on this painting.

And see @clareartista on NFT Showroom for the NFT of this Artwork.

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Later today – Friday 1st October – will be our monthly Open Painting Session together – all are welcome – just bring whichever materials you love to work with!

Join us at 1600 hours, Rome, Italy time.

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Our capacity to Co-Create is often used as a means of manipulation: ‘we create our own reality’ is flung about as a very unhelpful label on our struggles to comprehend where we end and the collective begins. It’s even used as a means to suppress our Feeling that something is very wrong – and that we actually have Immense Power in affecting positive change!

‘podcast’ (Living Voice Sharing) on Co-Creation

Hallo Beautiful Friend – welcome to my podcast today 🙂

Here, I’m speaking to how these times are Gifting us THE most beautifully lucid revealing of exactly how we are Co-Creating e v e r y t h i n g that is going on right now.

Our Co-Creative capacity is complex yes, but at the same time it is also infinitely simple – because our alchemical mastery of The Art Of Life is all about Flow, Ease, Harmony. The Way is simply The Way, and what Is Right is All-Ways Right. So once we get closer and closer to Core and Source, The Right Way is more and more crystal clear – and the wrong way sticks out like a very visible thing that is sticking out!

Join me for another online Living Painting Session on Friday 1st October, at 1600 hours, Rome, Italy time. See this post for more info. A direct link to the session is here.

Blessings to you in your Sovereign Everymoment,




Immunity, Sovereignty and The Living Boundary that Authorises us to Be In Harmony with All Things


Many labels that we have for ‘aspects’ of Our Self, Our Nature, and Our Experience in Life – are significant distractions from our moving always into our Potential.

Like ‘boundary’ – one of the many concepts that bring us into tense, effortful relationship with all things: we have a physical idea of a hard separation, and we focus our energy towards a preconceived ‘task’ of building something rigid, through force, to protect us…

Here are some Genuinely Alternative, Panoramic Views on what Real Boundary is; a Living, Interbeing of Vibrant, Whole Spirit-Full Life – finding Co-Creative Relationship with Every Thing we come into contact with.

Blessings on Your Day!

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PS Your generous support this month will go to bringing this beautiful wee spirit into good health and a new life: he turned up on the Via a couple of days ago, lost, and has been resting and eating for the past few days with me, Betty and Beniamino… He is very special, and seems to be bonding with me, and wanting to stay on my lap most of the day… New studio cat.

Harvesting Women’s Energy


Beautiful Friend!

Here’s a big topic that I’m becoming increasingly passionate about unveiling and calling in Awareness around: my work has been centred on womb and deep feminine energies for a long time; our individual healing to Profound Wholeness and Harmony – and the capacity that this wakes up, for us to then ripple into the Collective.

It’s not that we’re not all having our energy harvested, BUT women’s energies in particular, by their wholistic and interconnected, sentient and cyclical, changing Nature-rooted-in-Bliss – we have been more comprehensively manipulated.

We’ve been more comprehensively manipulated, because in order to convince humanity that we are NOT mystical, immensely Powerful Co-Creators in a Divine Universe, there has to be a very extensive, effortful, tricksy oppression of Women first and foremost. If Women are enslaved, the rest follows.

Living Voice Sharing on Harvesting Women’s Energy

You may also hear this podcast via

If Women are convinced to contract instead of expanding orgasmically, to relate to thier bodies through fear and torture, to default to external compartmentalised ‘logic’ and ‘regulation’ rather than KNOWING THE BOUNTIFUL TRUTH OF HER VERY OWN BODY-MIND-SPIRIT… If Women are kept apart and confused, and clinging to their exposed condition of just-getting-by-on-crumbs… It’s relatively straightforward to harvest and profit from her unconsciously throwing her distracted attention, sweat equity, adoration and ‘authority’ anywhere but where it should be being channelled!

In this Living Voice Sharing, I’m speaking to some of my own experiences of questioning ‘authority’, and in particular, the false model of modern ‘philosophical’ ‘spirituality’ coming from the male, white ‘guru’ claiming to be working on the horizontal/ embracing the more ‘feminine’ ways of thinking and feeling… when in fact they’re using precisely the same conventional model – of hierarchy, distance, untouchability and unaccountability, which ultimately means an abusive harvesting of particularly feminine attention and energy.

There are innumerable new ways of thinking around how we remedy our current world situation and how we might collectively create a more beautiful world. In my holistic worldview, there are some that are embodied and genuinely for the benefit/ betterment/ improved health, wealth and prosperity of All (including All non-human life!) – but there are many also, which are leading us vastly astray from Knowing Our True Nature. The latter are masquerading as ‘solution’ when in fact – in hard, provable Fact – they are keeping folks in a state of passivity and separation, and frankly conspiring alongside the agenda to profit from keeping folks in the dark about their Real Power And Responsibility.


Here’s the Introduction from my New Book Of Paintings, which you can download by clicking right here:

“Real Art is a living, breathing presence; it has a life, an identity and a vitality all of its own, independent of its creator.”

Real Art also has an immunity to any projections onto it, and it serves to open, expand, and inform the Divine Intelligence Knowing Itself More Fully.

This is a book of photographic images taken from Living Paintings created by :Clare Living Woman, Creator and Visionary Artist. The paintings depicted here are from a body of work spanning several decades: a unique visual language that has evolved through dedicated practise to That Which Wants To Come Into Being. As you can read in the book, there are themes and stories, anecdotes and memories connected to each painting, but this can never definitively label or limit the art.

Due to the Free and Sovereign Nature of both my practise and the Art that I create, my Art is not bound by the compartmentalising or categorising that is so prevalent in the ‘art’ ‘world’. I chose from my earliest consciousness, a path of non-conformity and Freedom, rather than fitting in and submission: I’ve been tied into almost zero work contracts or commitments to regular ‘work’ roles during my WorkLife.

I chose as a young woman to follow Art, because I had crystal clarity in my early teens that it was the sole ‘career’ path (that I could see in my island village view of the world at that time!) in which I would reserve all my Rights and Freedoms. I could already feel the infringement on my Natural Identity, on Truth and on Expansive Learning and Unique Expression, which the ‘education’ system was pushing towards me: I intuitively rebutted this offer to contract and walked my own Sovereign path; thinking, moving, creating and existing In Flow, aligned with all inner and outer elements.

The past few beautiful decades of my Colour-Full Life have included barefoot subsistence in the Mediterranean, deep healing and transformation of Self and Collective in multiple communities, inspiring rather than teaching, effortless earning of Gift, union with Nature, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, and myriad other quiet adventures building energy and sharing the abundance of the Freedom that I Know.

My Art is Living, Breathing Truth, and it should be met as such. It is not a static object with a rigid, fixed story and I neither accept nor allow mainstream projections onto my Art. I Reserve and Occupy Fully all my inalienable Rights, e.g. to my Free Expression, to my Biodiverse Indigenous Embodied Consciousness as a Vital Integral Part of Us All As One, and my LifeWork as Truth Unveiler and Visionary Creator.

I’ve had a colour-full Life and Work in several ‘countries’ and ‘cultures’ painting, growing, making and inspiring energetic expansion. My Vibrant ‘non-mainstream’ Existence has led me to be protagonist in multiple projects and adventures, igniting communities, supporting healing, encouraging freedom of Divine Expression – harvesting and building Embodied Awakened Conscious in All That I do and Am, rather than having my Vital Force drained by conventional ‘norms’.

I Live In The Here and Now, and am unbound by the conditioned bonds to slavery that many accept and even defend. This Spontaneous Vibrant Presence-In-Now is Core to my Work and to Our True Identity – that of Spirit-Full Harmonious Alignment in Co-Creation with All Things.

My Art is Gift to the Collective Conscious, and as such is in Sacred Service to our True Well-Being. Thus, my paintings are not ‘for sale’ in the conventional ‘contractual’ sense of the ‘commercial’ and ‘legal’ cold transaction.

My Artwork may be exchanged for a monetary gift, bartered with other items or services that I need, subscribed to/ paid for over time via my Patreon or other gifting platforms, arranged in a mutually-beneficial agreement of some kind that we create together, gifted via crypto currency, gold, silver, etc.

If you feel called by my Art, or would love a particular Artwork in your Life, I am open to Living Conversation around this – contact me as below.” (For the full contact details, download the Book here)

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